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Marq Torien & Dave Grohl at Studio 606. BulletBoys recorded their new album at Dave's incredible studio! Album was released in 2018. Please check out from "From Out of the Skies!"

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​BulletBoys - Smooth Up In Ya

Jaco is a must see documentary that was produced from none other that Metallica's own, Robert Trujillo!

We can't wait to see Perry Ferrell's Kind Heaven Orchestra at the world famous Roxy in March of 2020. Hopefully you got a ticket, as it is now sold out! We adore Perry and have been a big fan since day one! He is so kind and is always there to lend a hand to many charities. He personafies what RAOK Raven is all about! Follow him on all major social media platforms. 

In honor of our beloved friends the BulletBoys announcing that all four original members have reunited, they're our video of the month! Stay tuned for the 2020 tour dates coming soon!

Help save our elephants by clicking on this link:  IFAW.org/ivory Please join Slash in saving these wonderful creatures of our planet!

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