A Big Happy Birthday to our dear friend Marq Torien of the BulletBoys!! 9/22

‚ÄčBulletBoys' new album ELEFANTE drops on June 9th, 2015. These Boys can still RAOK hard and it shows with this great new album. They're currently working on their new album as we speak. More details to come.

RIP Sweet Prince! This is a huge loss for not only the music industry but his millions of fans around the world. But most of all, a huge loss for humanity. Prince was a philanthripist for many, many years silently giving to charities & people in need for years. That's why we love & miss so much. We at Raok Raven are crying purple tears along with all the doves around the world crying & mourning the loss of this legend. There will never be another Prince. Truly one of a kind. RIP Prince, we LoVe you!

Raok Raven recently got a taste of ELEFANTE at The Cave at Big Bear on May 23rd. Rollover and Symphony were two of many that RAOKed the house. Stay tuned for interviews with the band.

Bruce Dickenson has been given an all clear from his medical team. RAOK on Bruce!